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Folk swimming celebration activities are also various

2022-07-03 14:03Floating methods and techniques
Summary: Can you go swimming in the Dragon Boat FestivalCustoms of the Dragon Boat Festival the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated ceremoniously among Chinese people, and there are various celebrations. The mo
Can you go swimming in the Dragon Boat Festival
Customs of the Dragon Boat FestivalFolk swimming  celebration activities are also various the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated ceremoniously among Chinese people, and there are various celebrations. The more common activities include the following forms: Dragon Boat Race, dragon boat race, is the main custom of the Dragon Boat Festival. According to legend, it orFolk swimming  celebration activities are also variousiginated from the ancient Chu people who were reluctant to give up their virtuous minister Qu Yuan and died in the river. Many people rowed to catch up and save. TheyCan I go swimming on the Dragon Boat Festival? What can't I do on the Dragon Boat Festival
Can't swim. Folk say that the reason why people can't swim on the Dragon Boat Festival is that most of them swim in the river without a swimming pool before. The Dragon Boat Festival is in the rainy season, which is particularly prone to flash floods, and swimming in the river is more dangerous. Some places avoid swimming on this day, especially in places where people have drowned, because peFolk swimming  celebration activities are also variousople thinkAncient swimming posture
It can be inferred from the folk dog planing style, big climbing style, zhamongzi style, etc., that there were ancient swimming methods with similar movements at that time. The prototype of the second section of swimming was as early as 4000 years ago. Among the primitive hieroglyphs recorded on the tortoise shell in the pre Yin and Shang Dynasties, there were primitive hieroglyphs such as "bath", "bath" and "bath"Can Sanya swim in the sea in winter? Is it OK all year round
Sanya can swim in the sea all year round. The temperature in Sanya in winter is between 19 and 25 degrees Celsius, soFolk swimming  celebration activities are also various it's not a big problem to go swimming, but the temperature from November to February will be the lowest period of the year. This season, we choose to go swimming around noon. Throughout the year, as long as Sanya does not encounter typhoons or heavy rainsSwimming method
Familiar with the teaching formula of water: 1 Walking practice in water: walk slowly by the pool with your hands, step on the soles of your feet, and keep your body straight, and lean forward slightly. Move forward and backward, and then turn around. 2. Practice of soaking your head in water to hold your breath: hold your hands by the pool, breathe in with your mouth, lower your head slowly, exhale gently in the water, and then come out of the water after spitting. Do not inhale with your noseWhat is the origin of swimming
Sports history swimming is one of the favorite sports for men, women, old and young. According to the textual research of existing historical materials, the consistent view at home and abroad is that ancient people lived in rivers, lakes and seas. In order to survive, they must catch waterfowl and fish as food in the water, through observation and imitation of fishDunhuang murals reveal how ancient people synchronized swimming
In the southeast corner of pingqi at the back of the top of cave 257 in the Northern Wei Dynasty in Mogao Grottoes, "Dou Si Lianchi boy, making a game" depicts the scene of swimming and playing in the lotus pond. Dunhuang Research Institute explained that at this time, the folk swimming technology was quite mature, especially in the south, swimming was no longer a rare skillThere is a kind of folk swimming under the water, which usually can swim for a long time without breathing. What is this_ Baidu knows
That is, they usually dive to the bottom of the river and pick up the silt to move forward, so they are very fast. They can swim very far in one breath, but they can't dive for long, only 1-2 minutes. These people are usually good at water. What you said can swim for a long time without breathing doesn't exist. You may find a tube in your mouthAncient swimming posture
Gouplane is a swimming style that has been handed down for thousands of years. Ancient people must often use it In fact, many ancient things in China, things that quickly disappear in cities, can still be found in rural areasWhat are the national traditional sports and entertainment items
Dance Drama: dragon dance, lion dance, tap dance, rocking the dry boat, bamboo pole dance, Overlord whip dance, bronze drum dance, etc. Boat shows: dragon boat rowing, dragon boat racing, canoeing, rafting, etc. Water play: swimming, diving, swimming to catch ducks, etc. Ice and snow play: skating, skiing, ice Gaga, etc. Chess games: chess, go, etc
Folk swimming celebration activities are also various

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